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I am photographer and graphic designer based in Antwerp. If I would win an imaginary Oscar my acceptance speech would sound like "I want to thank people and their fascinating stories, painter Guy Vandenbranden, Le Corbusier, Glenn Murcutt's pavilion, archeologist Indiana Jones and especially for his role in Temple of Doom, David Gelb for 'Chef's Table', Ben Fogel for 'Where the wild men are', Vince Gilligan for 'Better Call Saul', De Ontdekking van de hemel, pizzeria Orso in Antwerpen, the inventor of screen print, Martin Parr for his satirical photography, my children Francis and Menno, my wife and actrice Suzanne Grotenhuis, the sound of Anouar Brahim, the songs by Neil Young, Seinfeld and Larry David for their humor, the sun when it shines, and the things and persons I may have forgotten to mention." 


  • Study Architecture

  • Study Master in visual design

  • Art director at Saatchi & Saatchi

  • Owner of Albino, graphic agency

  • Art director at TBWA Belgium

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